A Study On Court Genetic Exams

By Lora Jones

DNA based testing involves a scan on the sequence of the DNA structure so as to test for any kind of gene disorders. These are disorders that are hidden and may reveal themselves at a later stage or in a child born of an individual. A study on court genetic exams portray that these problems can be avoided by an early detection.

These may be advantageous for detecting the possibility of a mother whose first child had some defects of having a similar case. The check up of the mother can be done to see if she has any defects. This is mainly done on the amniotic fluid of the child whom she might be carrying. This is however risky because it may lead to a miscarriage. In case a disorder manifest early enough, it may require a mother to do an abortion to solve the problem.

Court genetic exams is a DNA based test that checks for the presence of any gene disorder that might have been inherited. It involves a close examination on the sequence of the DNA. It can be done using any body tissue like the blood, saliva or skin. It is a new sophisticated process that may take duration of three to four years.

These exams may not always give accurate results. These are tests that are complicated and require experts to be able to interpret the results. The results may be misinterpreted as well. This is because, to be able to interpret one requires the historical background, history, family and the final output.

Nothing is left out because all benefits from this DNA based testing. There are cases that have been hard to proof on the innocence of a suspect or cases that may involve parental disputes over a child. In these scenarios, courts are usually used as for the paternity DNA checking on anything that might have the body tissues of the criminal suspect. This has assisted the judicial system in solving major disputes which are related to this.

Another advantage of DNA examination is that it allows for symptomatic investigation. This investigation is able to predict disorder in adults. As a result, one is able to be cautious in life so as to avoid being exposed to things that might trigger the ailment. In addition, one is also given a chance to prepare for treatment when required.

Some organizations are adapting this testing technique as an official method of checking quality of their employees or applicants. This is nothing but discrimination act that can be due to fallen alarm. As the technology develops, even more of these services end up being cheaper and many more employers end up adapting this bad procedure.

Through the equal employment opportunity commission, employees rights are protected. A study on court genetic exams reports that there are several federal laws existing that provide some protection to workers rights. However, there is no explicit federal rule addressing the genetic discrimination of employees. That is why the equal employment opportunity commission has placed a plea in justice sector on the issue.

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